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RadioID Registration

    Please read and review the policies below as you will be agreeing to these to use this service

    Data Privacy

    • Digital ID, Callsign, First or Given name and Country are minimum public required personal information in order apply for a Digital ID and will be made publicly available(a)
    • You will have access to change most information, callsign and Firstname will only be changed via an Admin action once verified.
    • You agree to allow RadioID.net to host your information, which can be changed/modified at your convenience.
    • You agree to allow RadioID.net to share your information via database dumps, partners and searches for public consumption.

    (a) for Registration, more information may be required to validate who you are.

    Repeaters/ NXDN / Capacity-Plus Registration(b)

    • DMR Repeater ID, NXDN ID and Cap-Plus ID's are all available AFTER you register for an account.(b)
    • There is no need to create a new account or register a repeater as a separate account, simply create your primary account under your callsign.
    • Make sure you upload a copy of your Amateur Radio License, then contact support and ask for allocations for Repeaters / NXDN / Cap-Plus.(b)
    • CAP-PLUS are very limited in supply, you need a pretty good reason for us to give you one. Contact support if you require one.(b)

    (b) Capacity-Plus IDs will not work on Brandmeister system.

    I will not... ( Read the below carefuly, failure may result in ACCOUNT DELETION! and/or LIFETIME BAN! )

    • Register a new callsign when I already have an (ACCOUNT / DMR ID), even if you do not think you have one. - See FAQ
    • Register a repeater under it's own account. - See FAQ
    • Register on this site unless I am a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator with a Government Issued AMATEUR RADIO Callsign.