Registration is for Licensed Amateur Radio Operators only

Our goal is to have a master listing so you can take a DMR radio anywhere in the world and it will work without ID conflicts. Now that we have started bridging networks it is important that no two users have the same ID. NOTE: You only need a unique ID for every subscriber that is on the system at the SAME time, meaning during the same QSO on the same talkgroup. You can resuse IDs for radios/subscribers that are not on the air at the same time. A mobile and base radio can have the same ID. If you only use a mobile in the car and a portable and home you can use the same ID. If you loan a radio to a friend, the radios are part of a club fleet or the radio is used for linking/3rd party applications then multiple IDs are preferred. Most people will only need 1 or 2 IDs. We will require a pretty good reason to exceed this limit. Please only request IDs if you are going to use them NOW, don't reserve a block of IDs if you aren't using them in the immediate future.


  • I will ensure that my radios [ARS] feature is turned off while operating on any of the DMR-MARC repeaters. (If equipped)
  • I will also disable [AGC] on my radio for best audio performance.
  • I further agree not to experiment with any new hardware or software (including 3rd party Motorola applications) that might overall affect the entire network without having prior written permission from all repeater trustees whom my actions may affect.
  • ID's are self assigned, within limits, please do not take more then you need. No hoarding

  • Data Privacy (GDPR)

  • Digital ID, Callsign, First name and Country are minimum public required personal information in order apply for a Digital ID*
  • You will have access to change most information, callsign and email will only be changed via a Admin action once verified.
  • You agree to allow to host your information, which can be changed/modified at your convenience.
  • You agree to allow to share your public information via database dumps, partners and searches for public consumption.

  • * - for Registration, more information may be required to validate who you are.

Repeaters/ NXDN / Cap-Plus Registration

DMR User ID, DMR Repeater ID, NXDN ID and Cap-Plus ID's are all available AFTER you register for an account, There is no need to create a new account or register a repeater as a seperate account, simply create your primary account under your callsign, Make sure you upload a copy of your Amateur Radio License, then contact support and ask for allocations for Repeaters/NXDN/Cap-Plus. CAP-PLUS are very limited in supply, you need a pretty good reason for us to give you one.

See link above for repeater registration and nxdn registration


Gov't Issued Amateur Radio License Required, you MUST have this document

US Residents, must have 'Official Copy' or original Document, Ref Doc will not satisfy


**** MMDVM, DV4MINI, openSPOT, DVMEGA, and all other hotspot type devices do NOT require a separate ID, use an existing ID only, do NOT request an ID for them ****
If you own more then one hotspot, use your personal ID number and add a 2 digit suffix, example: Radio ID 3020111, use 302011101, 302011102, ect.
NEVER operate multiple hotspot within range of eachother on the same frequency even with different ID's. This will create serious network issues in most cases.
Hotspots do not require repeater ID's.


Registration works best on a desktop/laptop. YMMV with a Phone or Tablet.


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