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Getting a lot of questions around why we are issuing 3100nnn for USA and 3020nnn for Canada instead of the State/Provincial specific ID's. There are a few simple reasons.

  • We are running out of ID's, the old way of assigning ID's by state/prov isn't working
  • Many states/provs have already reach nnnn999, There is no where else for them togo
  • MCC numbering scheme was never designed for states/provs, This was a 'nice to have' made up system
  • Brandmeister as of May 1st has decided to no longer route 1nnn MCC ID's
Fortunately the only real solution was to go to the base sequence of the country and start assigning the ID's sequentially. We have started with CAN and USA, but all countries will shortly follow, This solution has been implemented in the EU regions for some time. This is still only a short term solution, we will still eventually run out of ID's as there is finite list that will function with our system.


Welcome to Our recent move to the EU system didn't quite go as expected, so I quickly setup this site in order to rebuild the registration system. I would like to take this time to squash the rumors that others were starting their own registration system, This would have been a catastrophe globally. In the near future I will be setting up an API which will give everyone access to the data in a more structured and flexible way. I may eventually open up the API to allow groups to run their own Registration UI. It is important to have a global authority that maintains a database of ID's. I am running this site separately from any group or affiliation. I am a neutral party in all matters concerning Digital ID's. This site only exists to provide a fair and structured way to obtain a Digital ID to be used by Amateur Radio Operators around the world.

Should you have any questions please feel free to send me an email webmaster @ this domain.

Glen - VE9GLN


As some of you may be aware, the EU has a new strict privacy policy that will take effect May 25th called GDPR, We receive our data for EU regions from public files, we use this data as part of our global registry. Unfortunately a certain amount of data must remain if you are to keep your ID for use on the DMR repeaters world wide. GDPR allows for a certain amount of information to be processed, please check our updated Privacy Policy

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